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  • 4iE thermostat, with or without WIFI

    The 4iE thermostat finds the smart way to heat a house more
    efficiently. It is compatible with radiant floor heating systems,
    electrical systems, hydronics and radiators

Control from anywhere

Use the dedicated MyWarmup ™ account page to control heating from a computer at home, or if you are moving, from a tablet or smartphone.

The 4iE thermostat gives the user more control: it allows an evaluation of the energy consumption and optimizes the heating providing advice on how to save more.

Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 4iE thermostat learns how the heating system is being used and the unique way a house works. It automatically suggests ways to save energy. P.E. What temperature should be set for periods of absence or occupation.

The smart ways that 4iE finds to heat a house more efficiently can save up to 25% on energy use

Always at the right temperature with SmartGeo ™

The 4iE can automatically control the heating and reduces heating use by up to 25%. It works using the location services incorporated in smartphones, as well as learning routines and the most efficient settings for a house. In this way you can always be at the right temperature, without effort.

A house is heated automatically when people arrive, and it works efficiently when they are absent. As if it were magic.

Works with zone heating

When there are multiple 4iE thermostats, SmartGeo ™ finds out when certain rooms are likely to be used, so if there is a zone system, it will not change all of the rooms to the comfort temperature just because users are at home.

High quality design

The 4iE thermostat is designed to look good in both modern homes and traditional style homes, with glass-effect front faces and beveled chrome edges to reflect the colors of the walls. The 4iE is available in black, white and white porcelain.

A range of vinyl coatings are available in bold colors and textured metal and wood effects.

The large color touch screen can be customized with different themes and photo backgrounds. There is even a local weather forecast of 7 days.

Key Benefits

Always the right temperature with SmartGeo ™.

Energy Monitoring

Design and engineering of high quality.

Simple to configure and easy to use.

Programming of natural language.

High level security with proven technology

Advanced automatic control

Compatible with underfloor heating systems and also with radiators.

It works with zone heating.

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