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  • Radiant thread for concrete

    The Warmup heating cable can be covered with any floor,
    and is excellent for installing on pavement floors of
    any size


All floor coverings

Embedded in cement

Large or small áreas

Regular or irregular áreas

New construction

The inscribed cable system is designed for installation in a concrete layer from 50 mm to 100 mm. If the insulation is less than 100 mm from the concrete subsurface, the insulation should be used to ensure optimal heating times. The system is designed for installation in flooring, and is ideal for new construction projects where floor height is not a problem. It is suitable for almost any floor finish and ideal where the floor (wood, carpet, vinyl) can be replaced from time to time.

The heating and cooling time has become a form of heating storage.

The heating and cooling time makes it suitable for rooms that are in constant use, since the rule can be used as a form of heating storage, making effective use of cheaper energy and low rates.

Key Benefits

The floor can be changed periodically

Without damaging the heating cable, saving money and increasing flexibility.

Different power densities

The heating cable can be placed at different distances to give different power output, depending on the insulation levels of the building and customer requirements.

Suitable for any floor finish

The system is covered by a minimum layer of 30 mm, so that in the upper part any floor finish can be installed.

SafetyNet installation guarantee

If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and replace it with another system of the same make and model without reliable, durable and affordable delivery.

30 year warranty

This product comes with a 30-year warranty. We are completely confident in the standard of our products.

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