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  • Investigation and development
    With our dedication to research and development and customer service we are able to offer
    technologically advanced floor heating systems that offer the highest level of product quality,
    performance and customer satisfaction.

Leadership in Research and Development

With the continuous investment in research and development, we are able to anticipate and respond to the next trends in the industry and technological developments. This guarantees a fast access to the latest innovations in terms of the design of floor heating, energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our research center/ -2 in Germany, the in-house testing facilities and the poles occupied occupation houses throughout Europe provide up-to-the-minute proprietary information on energy efficiency products and techniques.

Research Center EN442

Our research center / -2 in Germany is used to continuously test and develop new innovations in floor heating. The research center is executed jointly with the product development division where a series of separate tests are carried out in different environments and the results are analyzed in our analysis center.

This type of investment in research and development is integral to our business. This research center is the central source for invention, innovation and improvement. The results, experience and knowledge are shared with our offices and business partners around the world making warming a global brand of trust.

Housing program monitored after occupation.

Our housing program monitored by post occupation arose from the need to better predict the costs of operating energy in the future of houses using heating systems by heating floor.

This information is checked and compared with the information provided by our research center in Germany, to create a highly predictive model that can answer key questions about floor heating costs and the savings achieved with heating systems. This includes answering questions like "How much will it cost to run my new heating system?" to "How much will I save using radiant floor heating instead of radiators in this house?".

A detailed vision of the energy needed to create ideal living conditions

The post-occupation houses provide very detailed information on the energy efficiency of our products. The information is collected every few minutes from many tiny sensors. These are strategically located in each zone to compare floor, air, wire / water and external temperatures and often other readings such as humidity and radiant temperature.

This allows a detailed view of the amount of energy really necessary to create ideal living conditions. This is compared to the results of the testing facilities, which are fundamental to the perceived energy efficiency and efficiency of a home.

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