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  • Electric Heating Screens

    Ideal for renovations, the heating meshes provide warmth
    throughout the room, giving a new meaning to heating and


Directly under tiles or stone floors.

The boards help to reduce the heating time up to 90%.

Large and regular areas in shape.

Renovation or new construction.

The StickyMat system is ideal for installations within regular shaped areas, where 0.5 m wide mats can be quickly rolled on the ground in parallel. The pressure sensitive adhesive firmly bonds the meshes to the floor, keeping them flat and ensuring that the application of the tile adhesive is free of snagging while allowing the meshes to be easily repositioned as necessary.

For floors with vinyl, carpeting, wood or other electrical floor finishes compatible with heating, the system can be covered with a leveling compound to provide a flat, level surface. Alternatively, the sheet heating system offers a completely dry construction that does not require a leveling compound.

Thanks to the availability of a wide range of products and systems, there is a solution for virtually any type of project whether it is new construction, remodeling, modernization or upgrade - from a simple upgrade in suite to an installation for the whole house. The systems can be linked to any source of heat, giving total flexibility and at the same time allowing maximum energy savings, now and in the future.

Key Benefits

Directly under tiles or stone floors

The thinner double fluoropolymer coated heating wire-less than 1.8 mm


Robust fiberglass mesh with pressure sensitive adhesive, for the fastest and safest installation

Quick Install

Simply unfold the mat with pre-spaced wire

SafetyNet installation guarantee

If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and replace it with another system of the same make and model without reliable, durable and affordable delivery.

30 year warranty

This product comes with a 30-year warranty. We are completely confident in the standard of our products.
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Insulation Panel

We recommend the use of insulation panel with underfloor heating, in tile or stone installations, to significantly reduce heating times and operating costs.

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WiFi 4iE Smart Thermostat

Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 4iE thermostat learns how you use your heating and the unique way in which your home reacts. Automatically suggest ways for you to save energy.

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3iE Programmable Thermostat

Programmable digital thermostat that offers precise control of temperature. The 3iE offers a large LCD screen and allows the user to easily adjust the temperature to match the requirements of their individual lifestyle.

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Heating mesh for slab

The heating grid for slab is a system with pressure sensitive adhesive, for faster installation