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  • Use of floor heating in different romos
    Radiant floor heating can be used in any room. The main
    difference between using the floor heating, in one room
    or another, is thee level of comfort and control required

Cost efficiency

The heating of an isolated electric radiant floor is 10-15% more efficient.

Free wall space

No radiator provides extra space and design freedom.

Unbeatable Guarantees

It is a standard in all our heating systems.

Living room

The living rooms are great places to meet with family or friends and the floor heating provides a comfortable environment to relax. The quality of indoor air is improved by reducing the circulation of dust that is achieved with radiant heat. Bulky radiators are not necessary and so you have more space to enjoy.

In most cases the living rooms are on the main level of a house and have a lot of activity. That is why it is important that this room is warm, comfortable and cozy.

Underfloor heating is the perfect heating solution, helping to create a suitable living room to relax, and be able to invite friends.


The rooms should be warm and cozy. The uniform distribution of heat and the comfortable temperature of the room make the floor heating the perfect choice for a bedroom, creating an ideal environment to relax and recharge after a long day.

You can enjoy more space and there is more freedom to decorate, since the design of the rooms is not restricted by the space occupied by radiators and heat vents.


The kitchen is an intersection through which life goes at home. This must be able to withstand rough use, but also be practical and comfortable and for this you need a little thought and inspiration. We have looked at the kitchens with the central idea that they form the focal point of a house.

The heat produced by cooking and using the oven heats the air and without the correct heating system, this space can feel quickly charged, not cozy.


The bathroom can be a difficult space, because often it is not considered as a "room", it should not have much in common with the decoration of the rest of the house. The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional, but now it is an important place to relax and unwind.

The installation of floor heating adds luxury and eliminates the cold of the tiles on a cold morning. This space is a personal sanctuary that sets the tone for the beginning and end of a day. Having a floor heating system is also considered a key selling point, adding value to your home.